Our Ongoing Mission

We strengthen lives by engaging our community in a nourishing, educational and welcoming environment.

Our Vision

The Palmyra Community Center Program Board is  a 501-C3 nonprofit organization. In keeping with our mission, our vision creates:

  • A welcoming community where everyone is invited and encouraged to participate.
  • A community where children and youth have the knowledge, skills, support and confidence to succeed in all areas of life.
  • A community where everyone has access to and information about healthy food.
  • A community where older adults are vital, independent, inspired, and connected.
  • A community where parents and families are connected, empowered, respected and healthy.

Our Values

Our conduct and attitudes reflect our core values and these core values transcend cultural, religious, racial, gender, sexual identity, and socioeconomic differences.


  • Fairness – Be impartial and objective when considering the perspective and needs of others.
  • Caring– Be kind, compassionate, and understanding toward every member of our community.
  • Community – Recognize that the contributions of every individual build a strong connected community.
  • Trust – Make ethical decisions and never compromise on integrity.
  • Respect – Treat every individual with dignity and honor and without disparagement.
  • Responsibility – Make a commitment to accountability and diligently fulfill each obligation.